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In picture: Anne Marie Kindberg (Lunar), Olle Lundin (Froda), Philip Konopik (Visa).
In picture: Anne Marie Kindberg (Lunar), Olle Lundin (Froda), Philip Konopik (Visa).

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Froda, Lunar and Visa launch Embedded loan solution for small businesses in Denmark

Froda is launching its card-based embedded lending solution in Denmark together with Lunar and Visa. The launch follows a successful test period and the goal is to make it faster and cheaper for Danish small businesses to access financing and secure the necessary capital to drive growth.

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) make up 99 percent of all Danish businesses* and play a vital role in Denmark's economy and competitiveness. However, SMEs often face obstacles when in need of financing, which hinders their growth potential.

To address this, the Swedish fintech company Froda, in collaboration with Visa, has developed card-based embedded lending, a new loan solution that uses card rails for payouts and repayments. The solution is offered as a white label product through Froda Embedded to partners that are issuers of Visa business cards.

– It started with an idea and a sketch on paper more than a year ago, and now it has become a reality thanks to our partnership with Visa and Lunar. We have experienced a significant demand for the solution among Danish entrepreneurs during the test period, making Denmark a natural next step on our journey, says Olle Lundin, co-founder and CEO of Froda.

The process is fully digitized and by using Visa cards for payouts and repayments, the entire loan process can be shortened from the typical two months, to a few minutes. This breakthrough in the market ensures both speed and efficiency for small businesses when they are in need of financing.

– We are constantly working to find new, innovative ways to utilize the card infrastructure, including through strong partnerships. In collaboration with Froda and Lunar, we can digitize the entire loan process and ensure a seamless and fast process for the benefit of small businesses, says Philip Konopik, Regional Managing Director at Visa in Nordics and Baltics.

Card-based embedded lending was introduced earlier this year. With Visa's extensive presence in over 200 countries and territories, the product offers a consistent experience across markets, making it globally scalable. Lunar has become the pioneering partner to introduce this product to the Danish market.

– Lunar will be the first to launch an entirely new type of financing for small businesses in Denmark. It is easy to apply through our app, and you receive a non-binding offer within a few minutes. Additionally, we offer an attractive price guarantee, making our product extremely competitive and supporting our goal of building the best everyday bank in the Nordic region, especially for small businesses, says Anne Marie Kindberg, Chief Revenue Officer of Lunar Group.

During the spring, a selected group of Lunar's Danish customers had the opportunity to test a beta version of the product. The results were positive, with over half of the customers expressing great interest in this financing solution.

– It is fantastic to see such interest in the product. It demonstrates a clear need for innovative financing solutions. The partnership with Visa and Lunar has significant potential and enables us to expand our offering with business loans across markets, says Stella Snickare, VP Froda Embedded.

The product will be available to all Lunar customers in Denmark from the 20th of June. Lunar is building the best everyday bank for private and business customers and aims to make running a business in Denmark easier. The partnership with Visa and Froda aims to increase financing options, particularly for smaller businesses.

* SMV Denmark:

About Lunar
Lunar is a digital challenger bank with a mission to simplify and enrich people’s financial lives, empower them and put them back in control by building the best everyday Nordic bank. Lunar was founded in Aarhus and currently employs around 450 people in Copenhagen, Aarhus, Stockholm and Oslo. In 2019 Lunar received a banking license and is now one of few banks with a Nordic banking platform. Today more than 700,000 private and business customers across the Nordics use Lunar.

About Visa:
Visa (NYSE: V) is a world leader in digital payments, facilitating transactions between consumers, merchants, financial institutions and government entities across more than 200 countries and territories. Our mission is to connect the world through the most innovative, convenient, reliable and secure payments network, enabling individuals, businesses and economies to thrive. We believe that economies that include everyone everywhere, uplift everyone everywhere and see access as foundational to the future of money movement. Learn more at

About Froda:
Froda was founded in 2015 with a clear idea - to provide small and medium-sized businesses with the same opportunities to grow as large companies. The company's service makes it smooth and affordable for entrepreneurs to invest in their ideas. By digitizing the process, Froda has made it possible to help more businesses with financing tailored to their unique operations and needs. Simply put, it's a smarter business loan.

Today, Froda is one of Sweden's fastest-growing fintech companies and has helped over 50,000 businesses grow. The company is a credit institution covered by the state deposit guarantee and is under the supervision of the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority (FI).


Froda was founded in 2015 with a clear vision – to revolutionize the banking experience for entrepreneurs by making it easy and affordable to invest in their ideas. Today, Froda is one of the fastest-growing fintechs in the Nordics with large international growth plans. Froda is a fintech company with the ambition to help small businesses grow.

Froda is a regulated credit institution with government deposit guarantee and under the supervision of the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority.


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Johanna Sturk

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About Froda

Froda was founded in 2015 with a clear mission – to democratize the access to financing and provide small and medium-sized businesses with the same opportunities to grow as large ones. Through digital processes and technological innovation, Froda has shortened the loan process from months to minutes, making it easy for entrepreneurs to invest in their ideas. Today, Froda is one of Sweden's fastest-growing tech companies with a 1.7 billion SEK valuation and well known investors such as Karl-Johan Persson, Nicklas Storåkers and Victor Jacobsson among the owners. In 2021, Froda launched a strategic initiative within embedded financing and through it, we have expanded to the Nordics, Germany, Ireland, and the UK, and have established partnerships with Visa, Lunar, and, among others. Froda is a credit market company regulated by the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority. Learn more at

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